We bring the best of both worlds to our clients regarding metal painting and surface prep.  Wet Abrasive Blasting combined with Electrostatic Painting is a powerful combination to get difficult metal painting jobs done on-site with a factory quality finish and low impact on the environment.  This is what make us unique in this space.

We service Southern California and specialize in painting a variety of metal items:

  • Wrought Iron Fencing/Gates
  • Metal Railings
  • Storefront Metal Window Frames
  • Industrial Painting
  • Structural Steel
  • Tennis Court Fencing
  • Pipes
  • and many other types of metal items.

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Electrostatic painting will produce superior finishing results with no runs, no drips, no brush/roller marks, no overspray and is environmentally safe. In fact, cars, metal office furniture and appliances have been painted with the electrostatic process in a factory setting for many years. This same type of technology is now being used on-site and Electrostatic Metal Painting is leading the way. All types of new and existing metal surfaces can be painted using the electrostatic process and this would include aluminum, galvanized and steel items.


Electrostatic painting is based on the principal of magnetism; opposites attract. The object to be painted is grounded or given a negative charge. The paint is given a positive charge and atomized in a special revolving disc.  Instead of being blown on using compressed air and contaminating your surface to be painted, the paint is actually drawn from the paint gun to the surface electrostaticly.


  • QUALITY of finish is superior to other methods
  • Virtually no over-spray
  • Can use 2 part materials (epoxies and polyurethanes) equals better quality and longer lasting finish!
  • Wraps under the “bottom edge” where most rust develops
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No runs, drips or brush/roller marks